fortune-tellingThe desire to catch a glimpse of the future, to know our fortune in advance or gain an insight into how best to make important decisions seems to have been a characteristic of humankind for as long as we have walked on the planet. There are countless ways and means that are used to try and predict the future, from observing birds to reading tea leaves, to name but some. One of the most popular methods of divining the future is palmistry,where the lines on the palm are studied and analysed. Some fortune tellers claim they can also see a person’s fate from their eyes.

The eyes have had great mystical significance since the earliest times because they are the most direct interface between the world and the mind. In fact, it was originally believed that the eyes projected beams that allowed vision – and this is partly behind the concept of such mythical figures as Medusa, whose gaze could turn people into stone.

Fortune telling by eye colour

Though eye colour is not usually taken as showing anything about your future, it is believed by many to indicate the general personality of the person, which in turn may reveal how they respond to future events and whether they will deal with these situations as opportunities or problems. Grey-eyed people, for example, are often held to be loving, unique, and deep thinkers, meaning that they will respond thoughtfully and with careful planning to future changes.

eye-colourBlue-eyed people are thought to be passionate yet reliable, while black-eyed people (those with very dark brown eyes) are smart and quick learning. Brown eyes show friendliness, a cheerful personality, and politeness. Hazel eyes imply courage, charm, and possibly a highly distinctive personality. Green eyed people are thought to be charming, impulsive, and creative. Such preconceptions are among the reasons some people choose to alter their eye colour by wearing coloured contact lenses.

Chinese eye shape fortune telling

The Chinese have developed a system of fortune telling which predicts certain future events based on the physical shape of the eyes and some other ocular features. The eyes are held to be particularly important in predicting a person’s future in middle age.

Large eyes with heavy brows and bold features indicate that wealth and power are likely in the middle years, while lighter brows and large eyes simply indicate a wish to help other people. Small eyes indicate a thoughtful, analytical approach that may make the most of future opportunities.

Slightly protruding eyes are a sign that the middle years of the person’s life may see them enjoying and making the most of professional success, while inset eyes show that the individual may give up these opportunities for the good of the team and be eclipsed by others.

If a person’s eyes show the whites underneath the iris as well as on both sides, they should be particularly careful of their health, since according to Chinese face reading, this may show a risk of early heart attacks despite strong drive and good chances of success.

Numerous veins in the eyes could indicate possible trouble with the authorities in middle age if the person is not careful during these years, while high brows show that the person is likely to have a pleasant place to live and may do well in real estate. Finally, men with highly concave outer eye corners should marry late or they will likely have a lot of conflict with their spouse.

There are many different systems of using the eyes to predict facets of your future, and any good fortune teller will consider the eyes carefully while seeking to read the future, since the eyes are, as has long been said, “the windows to the soul”.