Contact Lens Wearing Tips

lens-wearing-tipsAs more and more people begin to prefer the use of contact lenses versus glasses, the need becomes higher for information to be public to help beginners wear their new contact lenses properly.

The most important aspects of wearing contacts of course include putting them in correctly and taking them out safely as well. Contact lenses can be incredibly convenient for everyday life and take the stress out of needing corrective lenses.

The most common question that many new comers to contact lenses are interested in knowing is how do you know if the contact is inside out or not? The trick to making sure your contact lens is always inserted properly is to place the lens on the tip of your finger so that a cup is formed.

When this cup is formed you take the lens and place it directly onto your eye with the cup facing out. If the lens forms a ā€œuā€ and the edges are sticking out than it is in fact inside out.

Many women today have already discovered the pain that be associated with getting makeup in your eye, while wearing your contacts. You want to always put your contacts in before applying your makeup. Also, you will want to make sure that your hands are washed thoroughly before touching your contacts because any creams or oils on the contact can lead to destruction of the lens as well as severe pain in your eyes. On the other hand you want to always remove your contacts before washing your makeup off at night to avoid any residue on the lens.

By remembering simple steps like using cream eye shadow instead of power to avoid getting it in your eyes and always making sure you are using clean hands when applying your contacts, you should experience nothing but the convenience everyone loves about contact lenses today.

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