New Solution for Presbyopia Sufferers

disposable-contact-lenses-presbyopiaPresbyopia is a common, annoying problem for people as we age. It is the fancy, medical term for age-related loss of sight and it normally starts to affect people from the age of 40 onwards. Gradually, people with presbyopia become slightly more long-sighted and find it difficult to read newspapers, books or menus.

The traditional cure for presbyopia is glasses, or to be exact, multi-focals or vari-focal glasses. People who suffer from presbyopia only need the lenses for seeing things up close and don’t need lenses for distance.

In recent years, people have been able to turn to multi-focal contact lenses as a more convenient way to cure their vision problems.

Now, Coopers have announced yet another step forward for presbyopia sufferers; a daily disposable multi-focal contact lens.

Introducing the Proclear® 1 day multifocal daily disposable contact lens

“When it comes to your vision or the way you live your life, we don’t think anyone should have to compromise,” said Dennis Murphy, executive vice president, global sales and marketing, CooperVision. “With Proclear 1 day multifocal lenses, vision is clear near, far, and in-between, without the need for spectacles.”

“With daily disposable lenses, the cost and hassle of a lens care solution is eliminated. And because the lenses are replaced each day, they are one of the healthiest modalities available.

Proclear 1 day multifocal lenses provide patients with the freedom to maintain an active and social lifestyle, allowing the wearer to decide whether to wear the lenses all day, part of the day, or reserve them for special situations.

Plus, as your prescription changes, your eye care practitioner can easily adjust it, which means minimal disturbance to your vision, shorter appointments, and fewer follow-ups.

For many, this also represents a fresh start to their contact wearing experience.”

Suitable for dry eye sufferers too

Proclear is the only lens material cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the claim that it: “May provide improved comfort for those who experience dryness or mild discomfort during lens wear.” This is especially important for presbyopes who often find that age-related dryness is an issue and deterrent for wearing contact lenses. Proclear also offers natural biocompatibility, meaning that the lenses are made to imitate the cells of the human eye.

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