Proclear (also known as Proclear Sphere or Proclear Compatibles) are monthly disposable contact lenses from CooperVision, which have been approved for daily wear. CooperVision has developed Proclear contact lenses using its special PC Technology, which results in a material containing molecules that attract and bind water. This results in a shield of hydration that also repels the build up of deposits so the lenses stay hydrated and moist all day long.

The lenses are made from omafilcon A and have a water content of 62%, which underscores their high level of comfort. They come in a large range of powers ranging from -20.00 (people who are shortsighted) to +20.00 (for those who are longsighted). The lenses have a visibility tint to help with insertion and have a low modulus, which means the material is flexible, another reason behind the comfort of the lenses. Proclear come in packs of six.

Water content: 62%
Material: Omafilcon A


Proclear 6
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