If you have astigmatism and need monthly disposable contact lenses that will stay comfortable all day long, then Proclear Toric lenses may be just the contacts for you. Proclear Toric lenses have been designed with an advanced material which keeps the lenses naturally hydrated and so they stay comfortable and moist in even the most demanding of office environments.

Blurriness that is caused by astigmatism is the result of a misshapen cornea or lens. The cornea should be spherical and shaped like a football but with astigmatism it is often shaped like a rugby ball and this means that light is not focused properly causing objects to appear blurred.

Like all the contact lenses in the Proclear product range, Proclear Toric lenses are also made with CooperVision’s PC Technology, which is a process where the molecules in the lenses actually attract water, so keeping the contact lenses hydrated all day. This unique feature is the secret to the all day comfort of the lenses and is also something that is commented on in many customer reviews of the lenses.

Proclear Toric lenses are approved for daily wear and are made from omafilcon A with a water content of 62%. The lenses come in convenient packs of six.

Water content: 62%
Material: Omafilcon A

Proclear Toric

Proclear Toric 6
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