CooperVision has a wide selection of contact lenses designed to correct astigmatism and Proclear Toric XR are specifically for those who have quite a severe astigmatism requiring strong powers. Astigmatism itself is a very common problem affecting the eye and is a condition where sight becomes blurred because light is not reflected properly onto the back of the eye due to an abnormality in the shape of the cornea or lens.

Proclear Toric XR lenses are based on CooperVision’s Proclear Toric lenses and also feature the same high level optics and comfort. The lenses are soft and flexible, described as having a low modulus, and are made from omafilcon A with a water content of 59%. Lens comfort is further aided by PC Technology, which is common to many lenses in the Proclear family. This technology incorporates a special structure that attracts water molecules, creating a moisture shield that keeps the lenses hydrated and comfortable all day long.

Keeping the lens stable on the eye is important for toric lenses because otherwise vision will appear blurred. Proclear Toric XR lenses have a prism ballast design to maintain stability. The lenses are approved for daily wear and have a monthly replacement schedule. It is important to maintain good lens hygiene not only to ensure you get consistently good vision and comfort but also to guard against possible infections. Shopping online can save you money especially if you compare prices of lenses online using the price comparison below.

Water content:
Material: Omafilcon A

Proclear Toric XR

Proclear Toric XR 6
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