Now you can forget about bifocal glasses! Proclear Multifocal lenses are revolutionary monthly disposable contact lenses that combine superior design technology with an advanced material to create lenses that keep moist all day and let you see clearly at all distances.

Presbyopia is common age-related eye condition that affects most people as they get older. In simple terms it means that the lens in the eye loses some of its ability to focus and sufferers experience this sometimes as an inability to read things close up or then as momentary blurriness when looking at objects at different differences.

Proclear Multifocal contact lenses come packed with the latest technology. One of the reasons behind the all day comfort is CooperVision’s PC Technology, which means the material is made from molecules that attract and bind water so creating a hydrated shield of comfort that also repels deposits. This technology is used in all the Proclear family of contact lenses. This level of hydration is especially important to presbyopic lens wearers because dryness of the eye is also a common issue as a person gets older.

The clarity of vision is a result of Balanced Progressive Technology, which means that the lenses have concentric zones of vision power correction in each lens, so providing clarity at all distances from near to far. Proclear Multifocal monthly disposable lenses made from omafilcon A and have a water content of 62%. The lenses are approved for daily wear. Customer reviews of Proclear Multifocal contact lenses are also overwhelmingly positive too with satisfied customers commenting on their price and comfort.

Water content: 62%
Material: Omafilcon A

ProClear Multifocal

ProClear Multifocal 6
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