Proclear EP contact lenses are truly the first of their kind. Proclear EP are soft fortnightly contact lenses approved for daily wear that are designed for people who are beginning to find it difficult to read small print or see objects close up, in other words for those with the early stages of presbyopia. The contact lens industry refers to this group of patients as ‘emerging presbyopes’. Proclear EP lenses are different from Proclear Multifocals but provide a useful first step in adjusting to multifocal lenses.

Proclear EP lenses are extremely comfortable and not only have a unique optical design but are also made of technologically advanced material that imitates naturally occurring cell membranes in the body, which bind with water and so create a shield of water. This shield makes ensures that the lenses stay moist and hydrated for long periods of time as well as ensures high oxygen transmissibility and this accounts for the comfort of the lenses. The fact that Proclear lenses retain up to 96% of their water content even at the end of the day is important, especially for those with presbyopia since dryness of the eye is more common with ageing and can also make wearing contact lenses difficult.

Proclear EP lenses are made from omafilcon A and have a water content of 60%.

Water content: