Contact Lenses Industry News Roundup

1 Day Acuvue TrueEye Lenses Come out Well in Independent Clinical Study

In an independent study conducted by Eurolens Research at the University of Manchester, 1 Day Acuvue TrueEye lenses were shown to be as healthy as wearing no lenses. The study was a controlled, 12-month clinical study and a group of new lens wearers was compared with a control group of spectacle wearers. According to the study, the study participants who wore contact lenses had no differences in their subjective responses to those wearing glasses for vision comfort and overall satisfaction. Read about the study in detail here.

Global Survey by Bausch & Lomb Reveals Surprising Results

Bausch & Lomb have recently conducted a global survey on eye health of 11,000 consumers in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, UK and the US. The results highlight interesting information on consumers’ awareness and attitudes towards eye health.

One of the key findings was the extent to which people would rather lose their pay or live shorter rather than lose their eyesight. However, less than one third of those who participated in the survey took proactive steps to preserve their eyesight. For more detailed results, read about the survey here.

New 1-Day Multifocal Contact Lenses from CooperVision

CooperVision have recently launched a new 1-day lens for those who have presbyopia, called Proclear 1-day multifocal. This latest addition to the Proclear family also uses CooperVision’s unique PC technology that keeps the lenses moist all day long. Now there is even more choice for those for those who do not want to wear bifocal or multifocal glasses and new with the added convenience of a 1-day lens.

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