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sunglassesThe contact lens industry is constantly changing with new developments and innovations constantly coming onto the market

Contact lenses are now commonplace and an immensely popular method of vision correction. However, contact lenses themselves have changed considerably over the years with constant research and development into materials and improvements in their design.

Now lenses are much more comfortable and contact lenses can correct a much greater range of vision problems and now you can even get daily disposable contact lenses for presbyopia.

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Silicone hydrogel and lenses
The introduction of silicone hydrogel has had a huge impact on contact lenses.

Contact lens manufacturers
News about the main companies that manufacture contact lenses.

Lenses that restore sight
Scientists have grown stem cells on contact lenses to repair damaged eyes.

Contacts to help diabetics
Researchers in the US have pioneered a new method to help diabetics using contact lenses that change colour.