antioxidants-for-eyesDark circles under your eyes should not put anyone off wearing contact lenses, especially as there are a number of different alternatives you can try ranging from homemade remedies to the many commercially available eye creams, gels and serums.

If you are sure that your dark circles are not the result of some underlying medical condition (which are rare but worth discussing with a health care professional first), then why not try out some of the traditional remedies first, especially as they can be a cheaper option. Many of these tips are well-known and have been handed down from one generation to the next.

Sweet almond oil

Applying sweet almond oil is a popular method (but make sure not to confuse this with almond oil extracted from bitter almonds as this should not be used since it is toxic) for treating bags under eyes and is actually a product used in many skin care products. It is a natural emollient so moisturizes the skin and also contains the vitamins E and K, which are important vitamins that protect and nourish the skin so keeping it youthful looking.

Sweet almond oil is easily absorbed and will not make your skin feel greasy, and for this reason one option is to simply apply the oil under your eyes before you go to bed for example. If you wear contact lenses and even extended wear contact lenses, which allow you to sleep in them, then you will need to remove them before applying the oil for safety reasons.

cucumbers-for-eyesSliced cucumbers

Perhaps the most famous remedy for bags under the eyes is sliced cold cucumber, which you put over your eyes while lying down.

It is in fact the coldness that is important rather than the cucumber as the coldness constricts the blood vessels and helps reduce the look of puffy or dark circles under the eyes. As a precaution you should remove your contact lenses first.

Tea bags

Using [highlight]cold tea bags[/highlight] has also been a long-standing popular remedy for dark circles under eyes. The benefits of this are in part due to the same reason as using cold cucumber in that the coldness constricts the blood vessels and helps reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes.

However, tea also contains tannins and these have been found to have an anti-inflammatory effect and this also reduces swelling. Green tea is also meant to be especially good for this purpose. However, as with other treatments of the eye, remember to remove your contact lenses, irrespective of what type you use.


Another trusty and time-honoured remedy for dark circles under the eyes is to be found in most kitchens: the humble potato. Potatoes contain an enzyme called catecholase, which is used in many cosmetic products as a skin lightener. Thinly slice a potato and place the slices over your eyes (after you have removed your contact lenses) while lying down and leave for a few minutes.

Vitamin E Oil

vitamin-e-eyesVitamin E is a wonder vitamin when it comes to the skin because of its powerful antioxidant properties, which protects the skin against damage from free radicals. Research has shown that vitamin E can also help in protecting against damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet radiation. Apply some vitamin E oil under your eyes and see the results for yourself, but remember to be careful with your contact lenses and take them out first.

There are many websites and forums that discuss the use of these natural remedies so do some research and see what might work best for you to get rid of those bags.