contact-lenses-makeupContact lenses allow you to really show off your eyes and also to have some fun with make-up and create many different looks for yourself. These tips are meant for anyone irrespective of whether you wear contact lenses or not, so go on and just get busy with your eyeliners!

The right colour of eye make-up can actually make a dramatic difference to your eyes. Many people get into something of a habit with their eye make-up and tend to stick to more conservative colours such as shades of grey and brown. But not experimenting with colours is definitely a missed opportunity.

The one thing to bear in mind is that there are no absolute rules: most colours can suit most eye colours, but some shades will work better than others. Since everyone has a unique eye colour, it can be fun to find the colours that make your eyes stand out the best, and may also open up a whole new way of how you view your make-up.

Use contrast, but keep it flexible

The general rule in terms of eye make-up is to use colours that compliment the colour of your eyes. This means mainly colours that are opposite to your own eye colour on the colour wheel. By going for a contrasting colour, you will enhance your own eye colour.

Red tones complement greens, for example, and therefore burgundy and copper tones will work well in enhancing green eyes. You can also use colours that provide a contrast but which are closer to each other on the colour wheel.

Turquoise, which basically a mix of blue and green, can work well as eyeliner for blue eyes. Since brown is a mix of all the primary colours, there are a lot of options that can work well with brown eyes.

If your eyes are a lighter colour, the results will be much more mixed. Those with a lighter eye colour generally have more to gain from getting the colour of eye make-up right. It is also important to remember about your skin tone as generally speaking, people with a darker skin tone can tolerate stronger colours.

Experimenting with coloured contact lenses

With coloured contact lenses, the options have become limitless. You do not just have to stick to shades that flatter your natural colour, but can either accentuate your existing eye colour, or go for a completely different colour with opaque contact lenses.

makeup-tipsIf you have a lighter eye colour, such as blue, green and hazel, you can try enhancer contacts, which will not completely alter your existing colour, but rather accentuate the beauty of your own natural colour. If you have dark brown eyes, opaque lenses that fully change your existing colour is the best option.

Tips to enhance blue eyes

  • For a sexy look, use brown-golden shades of golds, oranges, coppers, and browns.
  • Some purples and pink can look nice, especially when toned down with brown-gold in the crease.
  • For a fresh look, try fuschia pink or orange on the lid combined with a line of brown in the crease. The will make your eyes look bigger and the blue colour crisp and youthful.
  • You do not have to go without blue completely. A darker blue can help blue eyes pop, but use it in moderation. For an evening look, dark blue in a charcoal shade can work great on the outer side of the lid towards the lash line and half way up to the end of your eyebrows.
  • You can use dark blue eyeliner in the waterline to enhance the blue and make the white of your eye look clear and fresh.
  • For those with a more grey shade of blue, warmer colours with some red can work well, such as purple, and a darker warm blue with some shade of red can work well for an evening look.

Tips for green eyes

  • Green-eyed gals should go for earthy tones like brown, beige and tan for a more natural look. To kick it up a notch, try accents of gold, taupe and mocha.
  • For a smokey eye eve look, charcoal grey and steely grey can work well on the lids and on the lash line.
  • Red tones can make green eyes even crisper. Try fuchsia and lavender-purple. Since most green eyes have a great variety of flecks, the exact effect will vary from person to person.
  • For a more mysterious look, a charcoal hunter green combination can work well. The best is to find a hunter green that offers some contrast to your existing eye colour. For eyes with a slight yellow hue, try a hunter green with some yellow in it. For green eyes with yellow and brown spots, try a darker green with some blue tone.

Tips for hazel brown eyes

  • For a daytime look, go for rich, earthy autumn colors like browns, golds, and greens. Try a touch of green or brown over the eyes, and add taupe, matte gold or a colour matching your skin tone on the inner corners of the eyes. Use brown mascara and eyeliner to create a natural look.
  • For a more striking effect, try the opposite side of the color wheel. Two colours that can be a great shade for smokey eyes are purple or aubergine. Use a crisper tone for shadow, and go for a deeper, darker tone with the liner. The red in the purple and aubergine creates a gorgeous contrast to hazel.
  • You can bring out blue and green spots in hazel eyes with shades of blue and grey shadow.
  • Metallic colours, like shimmering greys, coppers and golds can also naturally highlight multi-coloured flecks in hazel eyes.

Tips for brown and dark eyes

  • Dark eyed girls can be a bit more daring. Most colours can work well, but there are still variations in the colour depth of dark eyes, so make-up colours can make a difference.
  • Green and pink can really make dark eyes pop. Your skin tone will determine how strong a colour you can tolerate well. The darker the skin, the deeper and more striking the colour should be.
  • For a pretty daytime look, try fuchsia combined with charcoal grey or dark brown liner.
  • Women who want to go for a striking evening look, can try deep blue or green shadow, with a dark grey or black liner and mascara. A thicker layer of black ink liner can make the eyes stand out and create a sexy evening look.

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