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sunglassesContact lenses are also about our beauty and appearance

Contact lenses are the preferred vision correction method for millions of people around the world and while clear vision is a subject of the utmost importance, many people also feel that lenses make them more confident and improve their appearance.

What’s more contact lens wearers often want information on natural remedies for common ailments that are symptomatic of modern life, such as bags under the eyes, or information on makeup to best complement and show off the eyes.

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Benefits of manuka honey
New Zealand’s manuka honey may be useful in treating some eye conditions. It could help contact lens wearers who suffer from dry eyes.

Phoenix Renata and NZFW
Contact lenses are part of the work of makeup artist Phoenix Renata. Read about her work at New Zealand Fashion Week.

Dark circles under the eyes
Don’t let dark circles put your off wearing contact lenses. Knowing your vitamins may help lessen dark circles.

Contact lenses and weddings
If you are planning to wear contact lenses for a wedding don’t leave everything to the last minute.