Hobbits & Vampires – Movies and Coloured Contact Lenses

coloured-contact-lensesA string of recent hit films has featured an unlikely starring role: the humble coloured contact lens. Characters from the Twilight saga are instantly recognizable thanks to their amazing looking eyes. Many online contact lens retailers sell these special lenses but the real life stories behind the films may be a little less glamorous and are useful for reminding those with a penchant for immortal looking eyes on how to keep eyes healthy looking rather than bloodshot.

Millions of Twilight fans around the world will surely have been enthralled at the recent final episode of the Twilight saga – there was I’m sure enough blood, drama and lust to satisfy everyone. But what about those eyes? Thanks to the film, coloured contact lenses have now become synonymous with the film franchise and have also become hugely popular among consumers.

It is interesting to note that the actors themselves were not so keen on wearing the lenses as some had to wear special theatrical lenses. Michael Sheen, who plays the bad guy Aro in the final Twilight instalment, commented that his red eyes were torture to wear as they were special lenses that were unusually large so inserting them was a two stage process that never got easier. Like us mere mortals, he also had to ensure good contact lens hygiene and apparently they required frequent eye drops to keep them moist and if any dust got in they had to be removed and cleaned.

The immortal and bloodthirsty star of the saga, Robert Pattinson, has also made no secret of how much he disliked wearing his contacts and that after five years of playing the role of Edward he still couldn’t put them in himself! At least he was able to get his own back on Kristen Stewart, his co-star and real life partner, at her lack of sympathy over his discomfort when she had to wear them too for the final instalment of the series and found them equally uncomfortable.

Here in New Zealand, we were treated to the world premiere of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit, which is set in Middle Earth and was filmed amid some of the most spectacular scenery in New Zealand. Hobbit mania has been accompanied by reports in the New Zealand media that some actors had to share contact lenses on the set of the film. This highlights an important point to remember since contact lenses should never be shared because this can increase the risk of infection.

There are a whole variety of coloured contact lenses to choose from. Just remember to follow the hygiene rules – even vampires and hobbits have to!

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