Contact Lenses Made of Gold a Reality

gold-contact-lensesApparently, if you are rich enough, you cannot get enough of gold

It isn’t good enough that you can have gold Smartphone cases, gold teeth, gold jewellery and drive around in a gold car, but soon, apparently, you will be able to wear gold contact lenses too!

My first thought on hearing this was: “Gold is opaque; you won’t be able to see much.” But it turns out that these lenses, as featured at the Vision X Dubai 2012 Trade Show, won’t be made of solid gold but will, instead contain small particles of real gold within them.

These golden contact lenses have been developed by InnoVision; a company based in Seoul, and have been developed exclusively for the Arabian market.

Gold Design Lenses Already Gaining Interest from Buyers

Each lens features a traditional Arabic-inspired design in gold that is embedded in the lens. I’m not so sure I would want to wear contact lenses containing particles of real gold, but apparently lots of people do.

Speaking to, Lena Lee, Marketing Manager for InnoVision said:” We designed this product just for the Middle East market. We met a lot of buyers from here and almost every country has shown interest from Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Iran and Turkey. I was really amazed at how much interest people have shown in our gold lenses.”

But then again, you would need to be pretty wealthy to buy these lenses. So I guess you would also have the sort of wealth not to worry if you dropped your lens on the floor and couldn’t find it. But what about cleaning them? How will that work? No-one seemed to have an answer on that. Maybe if you’re that rich they are disposable?

Apparently, they’re comfy too!

And is it healthy to wear gold contact lenses? According to Lee, who has worn the lenses, they are very comfortable and as she said: “A lot of doctors who came to our booth checked my eyes and they commented that there was no redness or irritation in them.”

But if gold isn’t your thing, they also do some fashion lenses that apparently sparkle like diamonds.

I’ll stick to my normal lenses, thank you.

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