FreshLook ONE-DAY contact lenses are a revolution in coloured contact lenses from Ciba Vision. Now you can have the same dazzling look and appearance of FreshLook ColorBlends but with the added convenience and flexibility that come with daily disposable lenses.

FreshLook One Day Color lenses are also made using Ciba Vision’s special technology that merges three separate colours into one to create and natural but stunning effect that is simply dazzling. They are also manufactured using Ciba Vision’s patented moulding technology called Lightstream Technology, which is a process that delivers a super thin lens which is easy to insert and comfortable to wear. The result is a subtle but stunning contact lens that will totally change the colour of your eye. There are four colours available: blue, green, grey and pure hazel. The lenses are made from Nelfilcon A and have a water content of 69% and in packs of 10 lenses.

Like all the brands in the FreshLook family, FreshLook One Day lenses are also available for those who do not need to have their vision corrected, but remember that even if you want them for cosmetic purposes the lenses need to be fitted by an eye care professional first.

Water content: 69%
Material: Nelfilcon A

FreshLook One Day Color

FreshLook One Day Color 10
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