Focus Dailies

Make your contact lens case a thing of the past with Focus Dailies All Day Comfort. Start your day with a new pair every day and see the world clearly through soft and comfortable daily disposable contact lenses.

Focus Dailies daily disposable contact lenses release moisture throughout the day thanks to Ciba Vision’s special blink activated mechanism. Every time you blink, about 14,000 times a day, you refresh the lenses so they stay smooth and moist right up until you remove them for the night.

The lenses are manufactured using Ciba Vision’s Lightstream Technology process, which is a revolutionary process that uses advanced moulding techniques to ensure high quality and high performance lenses. This process is behind the thinness of the lenses and thus their comfort for wearers. Focus Dailies contact lenses are one of the top selling brands on the market and lens wearers not only appreciate their comfort but also the other benefits from wearing daily disposable lenses such as their ease of use and health benefits because there is no build up of harmful deposits. The lenses are available in packs of 90 and 30.

Water content: 69%
Material: Nelfilicon A

Focus Dailies

Focus Dailies 90
QuicklensNZ$57.90+ NZ$9.50Buy
SmartBuyGlassesNZ$63.95+ NZ$4.99Buy
Contact ConnectionNZ$74.00+ NZ$12.00Buy
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