If you thought astigmatism meant you couldn’t wear daily disposable contact lenses then think again – here is the solution for you! Focus Dailies Toric lenses are a daily disposable toric contact lens for those with astigmatism, so now everyone with astigmatism can lead an active and flexible life without the hassle of thinking about cleaning solutions.

Like the other contact lens products in Ciba Vision’s Dailies family brand, Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses are also manufactured using the company’s advanced moulding technology called Lightstream Technology, which is behind the super slim design of the lenses. This thinness is one reason why the lenses are extremely comfortable to wear. Focus Dailies Toric lenses also employ a unique blink activated moisturizing technology, which means that moisture is released throughout the day, so making the lenses suitable for working in front of a computer, for example.

The lenses have been designed with many other features to provide the wearer with dynamic stablisation and therefore clear, stable vision. Having astigmatism is now no longer any reason not to enjoy the benefits and flexibility from daily disposable contact lenses. Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses are available in packs of 90 and 30.

Water content: 69%
Material: Nelfilicon A

Focus Dailies Toric

Focus Dailies Toric 90
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