Focus Dailies Progressives are as their name suggests a real innovation in the world of contact lenses because they are daily disposable contact lenses for people who have presbyopia. Presbyopia is a common age-related eye condition where it can be difficult to focus on objects up close and sometimes also focusing on objects at different distances can be difficult. Many people with presbyopia use reading glasses but now you do not have to and you can leave your old glasses at home and experience clear vision with these comfortable lenses

As their name implies, these contact lenses have a progressive strength so enabling clear vision at all distances. In addition, they are made with Ciba Vision’s other unique technologies including Lightstream Technology, which ensures a super thin lens is made, and the special technology that keeps the lenses moist by releasing a moisturizing agent with each blink.

Focus Dailies Progressives really are a unique daily disposable lens and so now even presbyopia sufferers can experience the benefits that daily disposable lenses bring, such as no need to fuss with cleaning routines and cases. There are also added eye health benefits too because the fact that a new pair is used every day means that deposits do not get a chance to build up on the lens.

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