Eye Health and Contact Lenses 2017-02-06T05:29:04+00:00

sunglassesEven with sunglasses, 50% of surrounding UV radiation can reach the eyes

Modern contact lenses are wonders of technology and innovation, and many of the latest brands are so comfortable that lens wearers report that they forget they are wearing lenses.

If you do wear contact lenses, it is important to remember, however, that they are considered medical devices and especially if you wear monthly or two-weekly lenses you must follow hygiene guidelines.

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UV & macular degeneration
Research shows that wearing contact lenses that have UV blocking may help against macular degneration.

Combat airbone allergens
Daily disposable contact lenses combat the irritating effects of airborne allergens.

Women and eye disease
Surveys and data from the US and NZ show women have a greater risk of developing eye disease than men.

Risks of cosmetic contacts
Eye infections are 1,200% more likely in cosmetic contact wearers than in others.