daily-disposable-contact-lensesIf there has been one major trend and development within the field of contact lenses then it is with daily disposable lenses, which were launched in 1995. Since then, their popularity has increased and nowadays daily disposable lenses can correct not only short and long-sightedness but also astigmatism and there are even daily disposable contact lenses for presbyopia.

The reason for their popularity is simple enough to understand. They provide an unparalleled degree of flexibility and convenience since as is self-evident, they are disposed of after use so there is no need to think about cleaning solutions or worry about cleaning regimes.

Other benefits include the fact that because a new pair is worn every day, deposits do not build up on the lenses. This means there is less chance of getting an infection and reduces any potential problem with allergies, for example, so promoting good eye health.

Daily disposable contact lenses also let a lot of oxygen through to the eye and this adds to user comfort. Some daily disposable lenses also come with UV blocking, thus increasing their beneficial properties. While they have in the past been more expensive a choice than monthly disposable lenses, for example, advances in their design and new materials mean that prices have been coming down in recent years.

Lots of innovation

For fans of daily disposable contact lenses, recent years have seen lots of innovation and new product launches, not all of which have made it to the shores of New Zealand just yet. All major lens manufacturers have launched new daily disposable lenses that represent significant advances in material design and comfort.

The first in the queue was Ciba Vision with their Dailies Total 1 lenses, which are made from a new material called delefilcon A that also features a unique water gradient technology, which means that the water content of the lens changes from its core (33%) to the surface (80%).

The next off the block was Bausch & Lomb, who announced their new Biotrue ONEday lenses made from a new HyperGel material that matches the water content of the cornea (78%). Lastly, CooperVision lifted the lid on their new daily disposable lens called MyDay.

Benefits of daily disposable contact lenses in a nutshell

  • High comfort level
  • daily disposable lenses for all eye conditions
  • No need to clean them after use
  • Low risk of eye infections or other problems