Bride portraitYour wedding day is arguably the most important day of your life, and is a day when everything has to be perfect: the dress, your hair, the venue and reception.

But during the months of planning for your special day, don’t forget about your eyes. You will want to look dazzling and remember also that your big day will be captured on camera and maybe even video.

Many brides want to show off their eyes to the full extent on their wedding day, so it is not unusual to decide to wear contact lenses, even if they haven’t worn them before. Ditching your old pair of glasses can give you a whole new look too and you could even surprise your future husband by going for a dramatic change of eye colour.

A Whole Variety of Options – Have Some Fun and Plan What Works for You

There can’t be many more times that your entry will be as grand or as dramatic as when you walk down the aisle with friends and loved ones all turned to look at you. So make sure you enjoy the planning – you can always have fun experimenting before the day on what will work best for you.

There are a great many different lenses you could go for and in addition to standard contact lenses. For example, you could also choose lenses that enhance the colour and beauty of your own eye or then go for something bolder with a complete change of colour.

wedding-makeupIf you are interested in seeing what you would look like with different eye colours then you don’t need to buy any to begin with but can use one of the websites that let you upload either a photo of yourself or then choose one of the models on the site so that you can experiment to see what you will look like with different coloured lenses and hair colour. FreshLook, which is a popular brand of coloured contact lenses, has this feature for example. Have a look and find the look that will make you look most beautiful and seductive!

Don’t Leave Things to the Last Minute

Getting the right lenses is easy but this shouldn’t be left to the last minute and there are some important things to remember. While it is very simple and quick to order contact lenses online if you already have a prescription and have had a fitting and an eye examination with an eye care professional, these are vital stages and if you are new to lenses then making an appointment is your first task to sort out so that you can be prescribed the correct contact lenses.

Why Do I Need to See A Professional?

First of all, nowadays there are many different types of lenses available that can correct all kinds of vision problems and it doesn’t matter if you have astigmatism or need bifocal or even multifocal lenses because there will be something for you.

Secondly, you can also get daily disposable lenses, bi-weekly or monthly lenses as well as coloured lenses and lenses that have no vision correction, so you will need to discuss your requirements when you book your eye examination and fitting.

Not everyone takes to wearing contact lenses and certain medical conditions, such as dry eyes, can make it impossible to wear lenses. When you go and have an eye examination, the practitioner will take various measurements such as the actual size of the eye, and the type of prescription you will receive or type of lenses prescribed, even if you only want cosmetic lenses without vision correction, will depend on the results.

It is worth making the time to do this because if you order incorrect lenses, for example, or worse still borrow somebody else’s then you may harm your eyes or be at risk of getting an infection. This is why you should plan this a few weeks in advance of the wedding.

Get Into a Contact Lens Routine Before Your Wedding Day

You will be taught how to insert and remove your lenses, as well as important hygiene and safety guidelines when you go for your fitting. It is important to remember to follow the instructions given to you. It can be a little difficult at first to get used to wearing lenses but it very quickly will become a routine. The last thing you want to be doing on the morning of your wedding day is fiddling around for the first time with a pair of lenses and ending up with running eyes and smudged makeup!

Makeup, Lights, Camera and Action!

If you are new to lenses then you might also want to consider testing out some different looks prior to the wedding, especially if you are going to do your own makeup on the day. There are certain things worth remembering, such as to put your lenses in before putting on your makeup so as to avoid any chance that you might inadvertently get dirt or anything else under the lenses. Most of all, remember to enjoy it and the attention. It is your big day!