Decorative Contact Lenses at Halloween

halloween-decorative-lensesHalloween is just around the corner when ghosts and ghouls have their annual night of fun and gardens and houses are lit up with pumpkin lanterns to mark this night of revelry. While the roots of Halloween may date back hundreds of years, it has taken on a distinctive flavour as a day to dress in weird and wonderful costumes and nowadays it is not difficult to find equally distinctive decorative contact lenses to match.

The use of cosmetic contact lenses is becoming increasingly popular among young people and teenagers in part a result of smash hit films such as Avatar and Twilight, not to mention ‘that Lady Gaga look’. For this reason, you should be aware of the dangers of using lenses incorrectly or neglecting to follow guidelines on how to care for them properly.

First and foremost it should be remembered that contact lenses are considered to be medical devices and the use of contact lenses, even ones with no vision correction to create special effects or to change or enhance your eye colour, requires a visit to an eye care specialist for a fitting and examination so that the correct lens can be prescribed for you.

Wrong sized lenses can damage your eye

[highlight]Inserting the wrong lens in your eye can lead to all kinds of problems[/highlight] including not just infections but you could also damage your cornea and in the worst case scenario lose your sight. Although decorative lenses are easily available without a prescription, the idea that ‘one size fits all’ is not true of contact lenses.

The shape and size of everyone’s eyes are unique and the correct size of lens can only be prescribed by an examination, when the curvature of your eye will be measured to determine what curve and size of lens is right for you. If you use a lens that does not fit you properly then you run the risk of damaging your cornea and could also easily scratch it with the wrong size contact lens.

Clean lenses properly

Another important element of your eye examination and fitting is to learn about how to properly care for your lenses. You should never share or borrow lenses with friends[/highlight] because this also increases the risk of getting an infection. If you do not disinfect your lenses correctly, you could end up with all kinds of ghoulish and nasty eye infections.

A recent study1 showed that wearers of cosmetic contact lenses have a significantly increased risk of developing an infection called microbial keratitis, which is a serious infection of the cornea that can threaten your eyesight if not treated. There are many different types of cosmetic and decorative lenses so you need to know what the correct procedure is for your type of lens.

Have fun at Halloween

If you do want to buy decorative or cosmetic contact lenses for Halloween or any other occasion then it is important that you buy reputable brands from a reliable source. Many lenses are available online and from other outlets but they may not be approved and if it is difficult to find out their origin, they may be based on older materials that are not so good for your eyes.

Halloween is a time to have fun and to dress up but don’t be left with ghoulish eyes! If you are looking for costumes and other accessories then check out the stores below, but remember to get your lenses from a reputable contact lens specialist.

Stores selling Halloween costumes and accessories:

Petticoat Lane (Christchurch)
Wear It Out
Costume Hire Taradale
Totally Frocked


1 Arnaud Sauer and Tristan Bourcier (2011). Microbial keratitis as a foreseeable complication of cosmetic contact lenses: a prospective study. Acta Ophthalmologica 89 (5), pp. e439-e422. DOI: 10.1111/j.1755-3768.2011.02120.x

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