Contact Lens Wearers Taking Risks

contact-lens-risk-eyeA study by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center has revealed some shocking statistics.

The researchers discovered that out of the 30 million contact lens wearers in the USA, 99% of them are doing at least one thing wrong that could damage their eyesight.

But what exactly are they doing?

1. Cleaning Their Lenses In Inappropriate Materials

The number one way in which contact lens wearers are risking their sight is by not using correct cleaning solutions and by neglecting to follow correct cleaning procedures, and by making do with whatever they have to hand.

Amazingly, a huge proportion of those surveyed said that they had cleaned and even stored their lenses in [highlight]beer, cola, tap water and baby oil![/highlight]

Lens wearers should only clean lenses with the recommended contact lens cleaning solution and even then, you need to follow the correct procedure! Don’t just rinse them: rub them clean, leave them to dry and remember to clean and dry your contact lens case every day!

Using anything else is just like inviting as much bacteria as you like into your eyes! Tap water, bottled water, any water is full of tiny organisms, chemicals and bacteria that can cause eye infections such as keratitis, which can lead to blindness.

2. Sleeping In Their Lenses

You can buy lenses which you can wear 24 hours a day. These lenses have been specially designed to allow more oxygen through to the cornea. Sleep in your normal lenses, however, and you are risking not only red eye and sore eyes, but also bacterial infections and bacterial ulcers known as pseudomonas which can quickly cause blindness.

[blockquote cite=”Optometrist Sheri McGurk, as reported on ABC news” type=”left”]Pseudomonas can eat through the cornea in 24 hours.[/blockquote]

Is it really that much effort to remember to remove your lenses before you go to sleep when you consider the alternative? I don’t think so.

3. Wearing Their Continuous Wear Lenses Longer Than Specified

This is perhaps the most incomprehensible ‘sin’ of them all. With continuous wear lenses you only need to remember to change your lenses, what, every day for some, every 10 days for others and even only once a month for some. So why anyone would keep wearing them beyond the specified limit for their particular continuous wear lens?

Anyway, if you should be tempted to keep wearing your two-week lenses longer than two-weeks, stop and think. There is a reason why a time-limit has been placed on your lenses. They only allow sufficient oxygen through to your eye for so long. Wear them beyond their limit and you’ll get dry, red and sore eyes and risk infection from deposits that have built up on the lenses.

If you have been guilty of any of these ‘crimes’ then I suggest you change your behaviour; it’s your eye-sight you are putting at risk.

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