There is no reason to panic. A contact lens cannot actually move behind the eye. If a soft lens (or part of it) has gotten stuck under the eyelid and disappeared, it is most likely stuck under your upper eyelid and will usually come out by itself. This might take a few hours, or even days, but the condition should not be particularly dangerous.

While you should contact a professional if you feel great discomfort or the eye is very red, you can try to help the lens come out yourself.

Try This:

  • Read the instructions on the cleaning solution that you normally use. Check that it’s safe to use directly in the eye. If so, drop a few drops into the eye to moisten the lens and help it move smoothly.
  • Without moving your head, look as far down as you can.
  • With your eyes open, very gently push the upper part of your upper eyelid (near the bone) with your fingers.
  • Keeping the fingers there, now look up. The light pressure should keep the lens in place and prevent it from moving back up with they eye.
  • Release pressure and look down again.
  • Repeat for a few times. With luck, the lens should appear again!

How to Prevent It From Happening Again?

You might want to consider using extra breathing lenses. Moisture reduces friction and makes it less likely that the problem occurs again in the future.


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