Contact Lens Basics

contact-lens-basicsNow that contact lenses are becoming the most popular corrective vision choice, it is important that everyone understands how they work. Contact lenses have been around for over 100 years (see history of contact lenses) and as you can imagine they have evolved quite a bit since their beginning. Now more than ever you are dealing with a very advanced form of vision correction.

You can wear contact lenses when you go to work, when you play sports, when you swim and enjoy extreme weather conditions. Although many people today choose to make a fashion statement that can be made with eyeglasses, many people enjoy the benefits of corrective vision without the change of appearance.

When you are making your decision about contact lenses you want to make sure you consider the facts. Each and every contact lens was created for a certain wear time, for different eye conditions and most importantly for different comfort levels. Many people choose to alternate between different disposable contact lenses to get the feel for what they like and what they don’t like.

The first time you go shopping for your contact lenses you will more than likely have the guidance of your optician behind you. You will find the lenses are grouped by manufacturer, length of wear time and the ability to wear them for sports. These are the top three factors that make or break the lens for most people today and therefore the retailers use this type of separation.

The more contact lenses become popular the more people think they are all the same and the same for everyone to use. By making yourself knowledgeable about how they work and which is best for you, you can expect nothing less than excellent results.

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