Compare prices of contact lenses and save money

The latest trends show that New Zealand shoppers have taken online shopping to their hearts so much so that it is changing the way we shop and even the structure of retailing as a whole. According to a recent report by Frost & Sullivan and PwC (1), it is estimated that online expenditure in New Zealand will top $5.37 billion by 2016 and the figure for 2012 is estimated to be $3.19 billion. So if you were one of those 1.9 million online shoppers in 2012 who spent an average of $1,659, it will be of interest to most to know that price comparison sites are a great way to save money.

Lower prices online a key driving factor

In fact lower prices was quoted in the report as being the most important factor for shopping online by 51% of New Zealanders. So canny shoppers who want to buy cheap contact lenses online or find the best deals should compare the price of contact lenses since the difference in the price offered by various online retailers for contact lenses can be quite staggering.

Buy contact lenses online but hunt for some bargains first

Online retailers are able to offer cheaper prices compared to the old retail model of physically going into a store because there is no need to maintain premises and all the associated costs that go with it. It is worth remembering that the online world itself is not static and the prices change frequently for a variety of reasons.

Great variation in contact lens prices

Daily disposable contact lenses have become the leading category of lenses over recent years so if you are looking for the best deals then, for example, you can save almost $20 dollars on Ciba Vision’s Dailies AquaComfort Plus using our contact lens price comparison. If you buy two packs every month then that translates into a saving of $480 dollars a year. Just think what else you could do with the money instead. If it is monthly contact lenses you are looking for then a comparison of Acuvue Oasys lenses reveals a price difference of $16 per box. For the presbyopes who need multifocal contact lenses, there is a price saving to be had of over $18 per box on Air Optix Aqua multifocal lenses when you use our price comparison service. So it really pays to compare prices and is easy to find the best deals on contact lenses from the comfort of your chair.

Whatever brand of lens you use, make sure you are not paying more than you should. Shopping online also gives you the convenience to shop at a time and a place that suits you irrespective of whether you are an early bird or a late owl. Buy your contact lenses online and save the money for something else – like a holiday, but remember to keep checking this site as prices and offers change all the time.

1 Australian and New Zealand online shopping market and digital insights. An executive overview

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