Biomedics Toric

Biomedics Toric lenses are two-weekly disposable contact lenses from CooperVision that are acclaimed for their comfort and stability. Biomedics Toric lenses are specially designed for people with astigmatism and feature a number of advanced solutions that are guaranteed to provide sharp, clear and stable vision all day long.

The clarity of vision and stability of the lens is achieved through its prism ballast design, which provides excellent stability but the overall thinness of the lens produces a lens of great comfort. The lenses are manufactured using a high-tech 3D lathe and this produces a smooth continuous surface which is another factor in the comfort of the lenses.

The lenses are made from ocufilcon D, have a water content of 55% and also come with a UV filter, an important consideration in terms of protection from UV radiation from the sun. Biomedics Toric lenses are a good choice if you want reliable lenses that do not compromise on comfort or stability.

Water content:
Material: Ocufilcon D

Biomedics Toric

Biomedics Toric 6
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