The battle between the large contact lens makers is moving into a new forum because not only do they compete in creating the most comfortable contact lenses but two of the largest manufacturers have produced a free app available for both iOS and Android smartphones. So now wearers of two-weekly or monthly disposable contact lenses no longer have to worry about when its time to replace the lenses because you can use the app to set an automatic reminder.

Compliance a serious issue

These new contact lens apps have been created to address a serious issue, namely compliance. It is easy to forget that contact lenses are in fact classed as medical devices and complying with cleaning guidelines and replacement schedules is very important. The latest media reports of a college girl in Taiwan whose both corneas were eaten by an amoeba because she kept her contact lenses in for six months instead of one is a stark reminder of the seriousness of compliance.


The Acuvue brand of contact lenses is one of the world’s leading contact lens brands, and the company has been an innovator behind many of today’s successful lenses. It comes as no surprise to learn that Acuvue has also created a contact lens app called LENSPAL.

Acuvue’s LENSPAL is much more than just a reminder service but really a contact lens information suite designed in particular for those who are switching from using glasses to contacts or wearing contacts for the first time. There is an information section covering a variety of topics from general information about lenses to common problems that lens wearers may experience.

LENSPAL also has video links to some useful ‘how to’ videos showing you how to put in and take out your lenses. At the heart of it there is the all-important reminder system so you won’t ever have to worry about when you are due to change your lenses. But that’s not all – there is also an eye care tips section and a section to help find your nearest optometrist.

Reaction to it has been mixed; many personal reviews consider it to be a good idea but some have reported difficulty (at least with Android phones) with registering once the app is downloaded so it therefore has not worked.

CooperVision app

Not to be outdone, CooperVision the maker of such globally recognized brands as Biofinity, Proclear and Avaira has recently rolled out its app in the US too. The app is visually more appealing than LENSPAL and reflects the recent global rebranding of CooperVision contact lens products and the company’s website.

The colourful but simple home page of the app has a list of six options to explore. Users can search for CooperVision products, vision and health articles about contact lenses and vision and eye health issues, and of course there is the lens reminder, optician search, and find a lens function that allows you to specify many parameters and the app will find the contact lens product that is most suited based on what you entered.

There are no videos but the app is easy to navigate and use, and comes packed with useful information. Currently, the find an optician function of the app is not yet supported on a global basis.

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