Avaira contact lenses are fortnightly lenses from CooperVision that bring together the two most important elements that guarantee a smooth and comfortable contact lens wearing experience: moisture and oxygen.

Avaira lenses use a special lubricating agent called polyethylene glycol, or PEG, which binds water in the lens and it is this agent that keeps the lenses moist and comfortable CooperVision have developed a unique material called Aquaform Technology, which is in fact a combination of technologies that allows the eye to breath by ensuring high oxygen transmission.

Water is also locked into the lens by the silicone monomers and this accounts for the naturally wettable nature of the lenses. Another design feature that aids comfort is the rounded-edge design of the lens. This reduces any unnecessary interaction with the eyelid and therefore guarantees a smooth lens wearing experience. Avaira lenses also offer some UV protection as they are made with a UV absorbing monomer. The lenses are made from a silicone hydrogel called enfilcon A and are designed for daily wear and should be cleaned after use.

Water content: 46%
Material: Enfilcon A


Avaira 6
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