new-air-optix-colorsFans of coloured contact lenses have something more to cheer about with the launch of a new range of monthly disposable coloured contact lenses called Air Optix Colors from Alcon, the maker of the Air Optix range of monthly contact lenses, which also includes Air Optix Aqua, Air Optix Aqua for Astigmatism, and Air Optix Aqua Multifocal.

There is a whole range of striking or more subtle colours to choose from and the full lineup of available colours are: brilliant blue, blue, gray, sterling gray, gemstone green, green, pure hazel, honey and brown. The lenses can be worn either for fun and cosmetic purposes, but they can also correct shortsightedness and farsightedness.

High tech and healthy

Air Optix Colors contact lenses completely change the colour of your eye and the natural looking effect is created through Alcon’s special 3-in-1 technology that adds depth and intensity to your eye with an outer ring, while the stunning primary colour transforms the actual color of the eye, and an inner ring provides definition and natural richness to the eye.

Air Optix Colors are also made using the latest in contact lens technology which results in a very high level of comfort as well as breathable contact lenses that keep the eyes healthy and bright looking. The lenses are made from an advanced silicone hydrogel called lotrafilcon B, and one of the important properties of this material is its oxygen permeability, which means high levels of oxygen permeate through the lens and reach your eyes, and this also accounts for the breathability of the lenses.

The contact lenses also feature a unique permanent surface technology that retains moisture by allowing the tears in the eye to spread over the lens, which also protects the lens and helps resist deposits. Air Optix Colors are a new era in coloured contact lenses and they combine the beauty of the FreshLook range of colour contacts with advanced health benefits of the Air Optix range of lenses.