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sunglassesIt doesn’t matter what age you are or what eye condition you have because you can find a contact lens for you

Contact lenses now increasingly offer vision correction methods for people of all ages from younger children to older more mature adults.

Advances in the design and technology used to manufacture contact lenses means that young children as well as the more mature among us can wear contact lenses.

Read: The first US president was in his 50s when first started to wear them. But who was he?

New solution for presbyopia
Advances in design mean now presbyopia sufferers can wear a range of contact lenses.

Brief history of contact lenses
Where and why were contact lenses developed? Read this history of the humble contact lens.

Contact lens basics
Read why millions of people enjoy wearing contact lenses and what types are available.

Who can prescribe lenses?
Do you know who can prescribe lenses and the professional bodies relating to the eye?