If you are long or short-sighted and need a two-weekly disposable contact lens that is both comfortable and provides sharp vision then Acuvue 2 contact lenses may be a suitable choice for you. Part of the famous Acuvue brand family, Acuvue 2 contact lenses were launched in 1999 and have become popular among many users.

Acuvue 2 lenses are made from a hydrogel material (etafilcon A), which is important since the properties of this advanced material mean that oxygen passes through with ease to reach the eye, and this means your eyes stay healthy. The lenses have a water content of 58% and as much as 88% of the available oxygen reaches the eye thanks to the properties of the hydrogel material.

Acuvue 2 lenses come in a wide range of powers that range from -6.00D to +8.00D. Many small details help make it easy to use and insert them, such as the visibility tint and the 1-2-3 marking to make sure you put the lenses in the correct way. But more importantly, Acuvue 2 lenses also protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation as they have a UV blocker. The lenses come in the second category, Class 2, which means they block a high percentage of both UV-A and UV-B rays, in this case an average of 88% and 99%, respectively.

Acuvue 2 lenses have proved to be extremely popular and many wearers have given glowing reviews about their comfort and ease of use. Some wearers have in fact been wearing Acuvue 2 lenses for many years now. They come in packs of six and are designed for daily wear and to be replaced after two weeks, or if your eye care professional agrees for extended wear of up to six nights and seven days and then replaced.

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Water content: 58%
Material: Etafilcon A

Acuvue 2

Acuvue 2 6
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